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Routine visits to your dentist prevents cavities and helps build stronger tooth enamel, giving you a brighter smile. When you visit the dentist regularly, he/she can detect early on any signs of tooth decay, and other oral health issues. Did you know that your dentist can screen if you have TMJ disorders, oral cancer, acid reflux, or are at risk for sleep apnea? It’s true. Dentists are highly trained and skilled to identify and treat an array of oral health issues. For General Dentistry, Dr. Epstein’s practice provides the following services:


Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings on a regular basis are essential to maintaining a bright smile and healthy mouth. Dental visits can unveil deeper problems that are related to dental issues, and in many cases, improve your overall health. There are millions of people that are affected by some form of gum disease. Professional cleanings from your dentist can lessen your chances of getting gum disease, along with a healthy oral hygiene routine.



X-rays are usually the first thing people skip when they visit the dentist. Sadly, most people do not realize the importance of routine x-rays. Traditionally, patients only need them once in awhile, but the initial x-rays with a dentist are essential to help them determine your specific needs. The bone levels in your jaw are important for the future of your oral health and what procedures you can even endure.  X-rays map out your mouth and jaw structure, allowing your dentist to view your bite development due to x-rays enabling him/her to see beyond the gum line. Your dentist can see tumors beneath the surface that could potentially be fatal, along with the structure and health of a root below the crown, which will determine if you will have issues later on.  X-rays also show impacted teeth, allowing your dentist to prepare to rectify the problem.  As you can see, dental x-rays are highly underrated, and should be included in your routine oral health regimen simply for those reasons.


Dental Sealants

The surface of the crown of a tooth is not perfectly smooth.  Teeth have grooves in them that are porous and susceptible to staining from the foods and beverages a person exposes their teeth to on a daily basis.  Dental sealants prevent the penetration of those substances into those grooves of the teeth.  Those grooves also attract bacteria that cause tooth decay. Plaque buildup is like glue to your teeth and those porous grooves.  It weakens your teeth and allows your tooth enamel to break down quicker overtime.  Dental sealants protect the tooth enamel from decaying.  They are not just for children.  It is almost debatable who would benefit more from dental sealants, and the reality of it is, both children and adults could equally, greatly benefit from the application of dental sealants.

Preventive Care

This includes cleanings, sealants and xrays. Regular cleanings help prevent cavities and create healthier gums.


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