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How Crowns and Bridges Preserve Your Smile and Dental Health

Dental bridges and crowns are two of the most frequently used oral prosthetics. Not only can they preserve your smile, but they can also improve your oral health. If you’re dealing with a damaged or missing tooth, you might benefit from a crown or bridge.

At The Woodlands Dental Group in The Woodlands, Texas, David Epstein, DDS, and Nikita Vakil, DMD, offer a variety of restorative dentistry services, including crowns and bridges.

In this post, we explore just how crowns and bridges can preserve your smile and dental health.

What is a dental crown?

The enamel on teeth is very strong, but teeth are still susceptible to damage, such as from an injury or an infection. If your tooth is damaged, one of our providers may suggest a dental crown. A crown serves as a cap that protects and strengthens your tooth. For example, if you have a large cavity, your tooth’s structural integrity may still be compromised even after you get a filling. By placing a crown on your tooth, you can help strengthen it.  

Crowns are also used to:

The bottom line is that dental crowns help protect your tooth from future damage, help preserve your smile, and help you maintain the function of your mouth.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge replaces one or more lost teeth. In general, a bridge consists of a prosthetic tooth and two crowns on either side. The prosthetic tooth fills in the gap of the missing tooth, and the two crowns are cemented onto the natural teeth on both sides to support the new tooth.

You might consider a bridge if:

A bridge can preserve your smile, help maintain the shape of your face, restore your ability to chew comfortably, and even prevent your other teeth from shifting out of position.

Bridges are placed during two appointments, but you’ll receive a temporary bridge, so your smile will dazzle as your permanent bridge is created.

Here at The Woodlands Dental Group, we believe that everyone should get the proper dental care they need for a beautifully healthy smile. Whether you need crowns, bridges, or even an implant, we’re here to guide you with your next steps. To learn more, book an appointment over the phone today.

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