Holiday Parties: Just One of Many Great Reasons to Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Teeth Professionally Whitened, David B. Epstein, The Woodlands Dental Group

Even the most stay-at-home types tend to make an exception around the holidays. There are just too many opportunities for good food, great fun, and escaping the routine of the rest of the year. You may have a new, fabulous outfit in which to tour the party circuit, or perhaps a new tailored suit that flatters your physique. Why stop there with the great impression?

It’s not too late to contact us at The Woodlands Dental Group to schedule a professional whitening session for your teeth. It can give you that extra pizzazz and sparkle that sets you apart during the holiday party season. There’s just no comparing professional whitening with over-the-counter kits. Professional whitening can brighten your teeth by as much as nine shades.

Here are some other great reasons why it’s the perfect time to schedule a teeth whitening session.

Part of a New Year’s resolution

January 1st is traditionally the time to turn over a new leaf, whether it’s pledging to travel somewhere new, lose those holiday pounds, or put more money away in savings. Self-improvement is a common theme, and the confidence that comes from a white smile gives you a head start on the new you.

Instant results

A single 45-90-minute whitening session with Dr. Epstein and his team is enough to make dazzling headway to a whiter smile. The concentrations used in professional whitening agents provide fast, effective results that completely beat the weaker-strength at-home kits.

Turn back time

The outer layer of your teeth, the enamel, is the brightest part. The inner dentin layer is naturally darker. As you get older and your enamel thins, dentin starts to show its dulling influence. Professional whitening counteracts this and restores a more youthful look to your teeth.

Photo opportunities

In this selfie-crazed society, chances are good you’ll be before a camera lens this holiday season. Your friends may not pinpoint what, exactly, it is about you, but your professionally whitened smile will make you stand out in those party group photos.

Affordable improvements

Compared to many cosmetic dental procedures, professional whitening is far more affordable and gives you immediate results. There’s no suffering or long recovery, just boom – a better you. And there’s no need to check the calendar to see if you’ll be ready for party season.

No guesswork

Sure, you can try to determine how to get the best results from home-whitening kits, but since you’re dealing with low-grade bleaches and one-size-fits-all whitening trays, your results aren’t going to match those delivered by whitening professionals.

See the shine throughout the new year

Not only does the whiteness of a professional treatment outshine your at-home attempts, a dental whitening from The Woodlands Dental Group is going to last much longer than we-want-you-to-buy-it-again home kits. Dr. Epstein can even outfit you with a custom home whitening touch-up kit, including a form-fitting whitening tray made especially for your teeth.

When it comes to whitening, there’s no better place to trust your teeth than with our dental care professionals at The Woodlands Dental Group. Call our office today or book online to arrange your appointment.

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