Am I a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Am I a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Are you not a fan of smiling in photographs? If so, you’re not alone. One study reports that 28% of people don’t show their teeth when smiling, and 81% of people dislike how their teeth look in photos. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry — including veneers — can help you achieve your goals of having a beautiful smile. 

David Epstein, DDS, and Nikita Vakil, DMD, are happy to offer veneers here at The Woodlands Dental Group in The Woodlands, Texas. In this blog, our dental experts explain what veneers are and who are good candidates for them.

Basics of veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that go on the fronts of your teeth, and they offer a permanent solution for cosmetic issues, such as staining and gaps. 

Getting veneers takes a few appointments. For your first appointment, your provider consults with you to review your goals and determine if veneers are right for you.

For your next appointment, your provider prepares your teeth, which includes taking a small amount of enamel off of the teeth that are getting the veneers. This is to make room for the veneers so they don’t stick out. Your provider also takes molds of your teeth and gives you temporary veneers.

For your final appointment, your provider removes your temporary veneers and places your permanent veneers. Caring for your veneers is easy. You just take care of them like you would the rest of your teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day and going to checkups as recommended.

Candidates for veneers

You might be a great candidate for veneers if you have minor smile flaws, and you’re seeking a permanent solution.

Minor smile flaws

Veneers can cover a host of minor smile flaws, and if you have any of them, veneers could be a great solution for you. Here are some of the common flaws patients cite when getting veneers.

One of the biggest reasons patients get veneers is staining. While professional teeth whitening treatments can go a long way toward making teeth sparkle, there are cases where these treatments don’t go far enough.

For example, certain medications can cause deep stains that teeth whitening treatments can’t touch. With veneers, however, you can select the shade you want to get the smile you desire.

But, giving you a bright, white smile isn’t all veneers can do. Veneers can also:

And, rather than receiving multiple cosmetic treatments, veneers can solve many concerns at once. During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss all of your cosmetic concerns. 

Permanent solution

As mentioned earlier, in order to get veneers, a very small layer of enamel is removed to make enough room to place them. Because of this, once you get veneers, you’ll always need them.

The good news is, veneers can last decades with the right care. And, they can be replaced easily if the need arises.

What if veneers aren’t right for you?

Veneers aren’t right for everyone, and that’s OK. During your consultation, we’ll guide you and explain which treatments could help you achieve your best smile. For example, if your gaps are too severe to hide with veneers, you may benefit from clear aligners instead.

No matter the case, we’ll help you get the smile you want. To learn more, call 281-367-3085 to book an appointment with The Woodlands Dental Group today.

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